Installing window coverings on the window is a job that needs to be tackled carefully. If you have bought new window coverings, you can of course not wait until you can actually install them. After all, nothing beats the look of brand new window coverings. However, it is something that needs careful thought. After all, if you hang them up without thinking, you run the risk that they won’t work exactly as desired. And that would of course be a shame.

  • Fortunately, hanging window decorations yourself is easy to do, but the degree of difficulty does depend on the type of window covering that you are going to install.
  • Fortunately, almost any kind of window covering is easy to hang yourself, as long as you stick to a few basic points. That is why we have listed 3 tips when installing new window coverings.

1. Read the supplied instructions carefully

Virtually all types of window treatments come with instructions. This is often a (digital) manual that explains exactly how to attach the window decoration in the right way. You do not install every window decoration in the same way. So don’t think that the last time you hung curtains was so easy that you can now do it without a manual. Because there is a good chance that you will then come back from a cold fair. If you have some basic skills, hanging window decorations is usually not too difficult. It is good to read the guidelines. That way you know exactly where you stand. (Read more about this on Arredamento Casa Online)

2. Stay realistic

Although most types of window decoration can easily be hung yourself, there are always some types that require a professional hand. A good example are roller shutters. However, to confirm this, some form of expertise is required. Therefore, stay realistic in what you can and cannot do. This way you save yourself a lot of disappointments and you know for sure that the window coverings will fit perfectly. And that is of course the most important. Ask the webshop or store where you buy the window coverings if they can also hang them. Is this not possible? Then there are plenty of external providers that will do this for you for a small price. So you only have to enjoy your new window coverings. So easy when you are looking for a sdraio da giardino offerte.

3. Hanging options

Before you hang the window coverings, also research in which ways this is possible. Roughly speaking, there are two different methods in which you can hang window coverings. This can be on the day or in the day. During the day, we mainly see slats and roller blinds. The window coverings will hang exactly between the frames. This ensures that the window covering ultimately fits much better and falls more beautifully.

Do you opt for assembly on the day? Then you often attach a rail to the ceiling or wall. This is very sturdy, but you have to use the right tools to fix it properly. Because ceilings in particular can be very hard, so a good drill is not an unnecessary luxury.