To help you understand how the ranking in this VPN test came about, I would like to explain how I found the best VPN connections and what criteria I used to rank them. In addition to objective criteria, I also included a few subjective criteria in the analysis. In my personal tests I have nämlich also my experiences with the VPN and the customer service at my VPN list included in the evaluation. These experiences are of course very subjective and are perceived differently by each user. Nevertheless, you will find in de ranking only best VPN providers that I have determined according to strict criteria in my VPN mais rapido.

VPN List: It is important to know the best VPN providers in comparison before you buy a VPN. So what makes the best VPN providers?

1. Highest speed

First of all, the speed of a VPN is crucial feature. Without sufficient speed, even the most secure virtual private networks won’t help. All your data must be sent through the VPN server. So the speed of your Internet depends on the speed of the VPN server. Therefore, a VPN should not slow down your connection or even paralyze the connection establishment altogether. Therefore, the most important criterion is that the best VPNs guarantee high speeds. You can find the best providers here in the VPN comparison at this VPN List.

2. Bypass Geographic Blockages

You assume that a „best VPN“ also allows access to NETFLIX USA? I also consider this to be extremely important and have therefore included it in my ranking. The sad truth is that not all VPN services allow access to Netflix in other countries or TV from abroad. With some VPNs, the server IPs are blocked for Netflix and CO. However, the best VPN services should make it possible to bypass geographical blockades. Therefore, it is important that the provider offers different server locations.

Check out my list of TOP VPN services and compare the service. In the list you will find VPN, which allow access to blocked content. You must read this VPN comparison before you buy a VPN darmowy.

3. Anonymity on the Internet and protection of privacy

Every time you surf the Internet, you leave traces, valuable data traces, which are used by more and more actors to learn more üabout you. Hackers and Schnüffler have so easy game and penetrate without you notice that in your privacy. Before sollte you a good VPN actually protect. The best VPN, can only be a VPN that makes you anonymous on the Internet and prevents anyone from following your trail on the Internet.

Some features offer only the best VPN providers on the market and on these you should also pay attention: a kill switch and a protection against DNS leaks. Especially if you like torrenting, it is extremely important to have these features. All providers in the ranking have these essential features.

4. Ease of use

Not every VPN user is a computer expert. Even laymen should have the possibility to secure themselves easily on the net. That’s why it’s very important to me personally that VPNs are easy to use and have an intuitive interface. VPNs are end-user products and should be easy to use accordingly. You can be sure of that with the VPN pour kodi.